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Committee Formation Support, Fiduciary Governance Guidance

401k Advisors Chicago works with clients to help them either initially establish or update their Retirement Plan Committee according to industry best practices. We help our clients establish a clearly organized fiduciary governance structure which includes selecting and formally appointing Committee members, establishing a Committee Charter and acknowledging all appointments in writing. We provide fiduciary training for Committee members regarding their fiduciary responsibilities and corresponding best practices in an effort to improve their decision-making and decrease organizational and personal liability. 

We offer quarterly Plan review meetings to help plan sponsors oversee and monitor all aspects of Plan performance including investment returns, fee competitiveness, Plan operational issues, Team member educational support, and we produce and archive meeting minutes.

Fiduciary Document Vault

Maintaining a well documented fiduciary file is the basis for a "best practices" retirement plan committee. 401k Advisors Chicago establishes for each client, a proprietary, fiduciary "vault" to help manage and document the fiduciary oversight process. The "vault" provides a central location for access to all plan-related information and serves as a central document management process for 401k Advisors Chicago , the Committee, and other service providers who are given access (auditors, etc.)

Fee Analysis and Annual Benchmarking

ERISA fiduciaries are charged with reviewing and understanding the competitiveness of their Plan's fees and assuring that they are "reasonable" given the levels of services that are offered by their "service providers." 401k Advisors Chicago assists clients in the process of reviewing all Plan related fees and expenses and help negotiate the most competitive fee structures possible. We utilize independent and objective, third party benchmark services to help our clients fee competitiveness. .

Vendor Review

Industry "best practices" recommend that a formal vendor review is conducted every three to four years. These reviews help Clients make sure that the service arrangement and fee structure currently in place is competitive and that any innovations in technology, educational support, investment options, etc. are made available to the Plan.

Plan Operational Assistance & Client Advocacy

401k Advisors Chicago takes the lead when administrative or service issues arise, supporting our Client's Team Members in resolving issues quickly and efficiently.

Plan Design Assistance

401k Advisors Chicago continuously suggests that Clients consider the latest industry "best practices" in "plan design" options in an effort to drive optimum participation and retirement outcomes while at the same time pursuing Client financial goals.

Participant Advice & Team Member Educational Support

At the core of 401k Advisors Chicago's service offerings is the individual approach we take in assisting every Client's Team Members in striving to maximizing their use of the 401k Plan. We offer group seminars, webinars, individual meetings, create education policy statements and strategies, all intended to help Team Members get to retirement as "well prepared" as they can be.